Random things

Here is a good article to read that Lori and I really liked.  Click here for the link.  I will only post the last part here for you.

It’s my last day in Haiti, and I finally managed to sleep in late. I didn’t get
up until 6:30.

This week has certainly been one of the most important in my entire life, and
to say I’ll remember it forever sells its gravity short. It will CHANGE me
forever. I learned more in this week than I can ever remember learning before,
and I am sure that I will always try to seek out similar experiences for the
rest of my life going forward.

On one side of my mind is a terrifying feeling of helplessness: so much
suffering to address with woefully limited resources.

But at the same time I am also energized and elated: thinking of individual
cases in which we were able to provide comfort, whether it be emotional or
physical, makes me feel indescribably honored to take part. This experience is
one that washed over me with raw humanity, and an urgency that is so simple and
basic, that I have never felt more alive . . .

While walking this past week, we got a call from the clinic.  There was a man there that had a problem.  His arm was “almost cut off”.  We walked as fast as we could to get back but had to have Charlie come pick us up in the truck.  They were right it was “almost cut off”.  It was cut at an odd angle and needed to be amputated.  Lori, dad and Jess transported the man to Mission of Hope.  He was able to get surgery that evening.  We still have not got a clear story of why someone tried to cut his arm off.  We have heard rumors that he was the one that cut another guys arm off right after the earthquake. 


Trey lost his first tooth.  Here is what he bought with the $$$ from the tooth fairy.  Green popsicle and fried bananas and marenade.  Good stuff!

The Pipers were here a few weeks ago to visit.  Noel gave the boys a new game Jenga. 

Here are there reactions to the game.

They have had fun playing and learning a new game.  They wanted to say “Thank you Noel” for the new game.

We have a group of 7 coming in this evening for a week.  The team leaders are good friends of ours.  We are excited about this upcoming week.


One Response to Random things

  1. The Pipers says:

    You are most welcome, boys! We had a great time with you.

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