Update on Sodline

Remember Sodline?  You can read about her here.  She is at a hospital in Port-au-Prince.  She has TB and is getting treatment there.  She cannot return home or to the RC at this time.  Her mother is 9 months pregnant and cannot stay with her at the hospital.  Her father must continue to work in the gardens and tend to his crops to provide for the rest of the family.  The hospital told him if he left her there for more than one day, without an adult, they would take her away to be adopted.  Nice hospital.  Anyway we have hired a lady to stay at the hospital with her to care for her.  We pay her and also take care of her needs to live at the hospital with her.  This is $225.00US per month for Sodline’s care.  We are also helping the family with travel expenses so that they can visit her each week.  This is around $100.00US per month.  So we are needing around $325.00 per month for her care.  Anyone interested in helping please contact me at licia@realhopeforhaiti.org We greatly appreciate all those that have written and asked about her.

  • The team of 7 from Indiana arrived last night.  They are working at Charles and Lori’s house today.  Painting, sorting boxes, building shelves are the plans for today.  If the rain hold off we will go on a walk this afternoon.
  • Don’t forget about the post on Rose-Nadine here.  We are still at the same amount with no new donationsthat have come in.



2 Responses to Update on Sodline

  1. Dee says:

    It is not much, but love will find a way…sending an extra $25 with our pledge this week. Come ooonnn God’s people-we have so MUCH! Listen to the Lord of your life and give!!!

  2. Debbie Woodward says:

    Dee –

    You are right. I’m sending money that some children have raised – $250. Should get Sodline care for the first month.

    Licia and Lori, thank you for letting us know the needs of the people. My prayers for this little girl and her family.


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