What’s happening

  • The team from Indiana is leaving today.  They were able to get some work done at Lori’s house.  They were also able to see what RHFH is and does each day here.  It was a good week.
  • The internet is not working so well, we are trying to get a better connection.  That is why the blogs have been slow for a few days.
  • We have today and tomorrow with no visitors then visitors until July 12th!  We are going to be busy!
  • One team coming in is from EMI.  This is a group of engineers that will come to RHFH and plan out the layout, budget, and everything for the land.  We are really excited about this team.  We have been wanting to build for years and years, and it is finally coming true.  The land has been purchased and now we will begin with this team helping us to plan.  This is a big step for RHFH and one that we would like everyone to join us in prayer with.  It is a dream coming true for us.
  • For one week we have two teams that are overlapping.  With everyone here and our families it is going to be around  40 people.  We have never had this many here at one time so it will be a crazy week.  Please remember to pray for us!
  • There has been $1660.00 donated towards the Betor vehicle fund.  We are still praying, hoping and dreaming that we might have a good vehicle by the time the baby is here in August.
  • There has been donations to cover the cost of Sodline for 2 months.  She will most likely have to stay in the hospital for her treatment for 6 to 9 months.
  • There has been donations given of $2757.00 towards Rose-Nadine.  There has been pledged donations of $1200.00.  We are still needing $2043.00 to cover this need.  Aritst for Hope are selling prints of a photo Rose-Nadine drew while they were in Haiti.  All funds will go directly towards her need.  You can see and purchase the prints here on there Etsy site.


One Response to What’s happening

  1. julie says:

    AGGGHHHH!! EMI!!! Praise God for the work He is doing in your lives and ministry! I am going to forward you an email in regards to EMI – they’re AMAZING and we’ve been watching and praying for YEARS that God would intertwine our lives. . . .

    Oh, I am delighted beyond words that God is bringing forth miracles in your work!

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