Food boxes

The organization Feed my Starving Children has been giving RHFH boxes of rice, through Love-a-Child for many years now.  We receive 100 boxes from these organizations each month.  At this time they are unable to increase the boxes we receive each month. They have been a blessing to us, the kids in the RC and so many families here in Cazale.  Each month we are able to help many families with these rice packets.

We use them 6 times a week in the RC and it helps those children that are severely malnourished.

We contacted the local churches in Cazale and asked them to give us names of those in the community (not just their church) that they knew were in need.  We combined these list and began giving rice to the most needy families in Cazale.  These families come twice a month to receive a box of rice.

Many families are blessed by this gift.  It helps get them through the month and keep the kids from being hungry.

It is hard to “pick”  which families are the most in need.  We send staff members to visit the families and see them at their houses.

We help older couples that (are in love 🙂 ) and can no longer work.

Since the earthquake in Jan.   The needs have increased.  There are many more people who are in need of food.  There are many families with many children.  If  we can help a little around the edges with some food, it will help them to be able to better feed their children.  It will help keep the numbers down in the RC.

RHFH has been blessed with many, many loads of donated supplies.  We are trying our best to give these supplies out quickly to those in need in our area.  But we are beginning to run low on some items.   Since Jan we have increased of families from 50 to around 90 now.  This, as you can see, is almost double.  

Within the next few weeks we are either going to have to remove 40 families, get some more donations in, or raise some faithful monthly donations for this need.  The staff and I went through the list of names last week.  We could only come up with two families to remove.  Only two.  We would like to be able to continue to bless these families with some extra food each month.  We would need to purchase rice here in Haiti and divide the bags up between the families.  Each family would receive an amount every two weeks.  It would only cost $10 per month per family.  The total cost being $400.ooUS per month to continue with our small program.  This will provide them with extra food every two weeks to help.  We are not giving them everything they need, but adding to what they have to help it go farther.  RHFH is looking for some FAITHFUL monthly supporters to cover this need.  If you are interested please let me know at   I think this could be a great project for a small group, Sunday school class or individual families.


2 Responses to Food boxes

  1. Jess Lehman says:

    i laughed out loud when i saw those old people…maybe it was the lack of sleep…but they are pretty darn hilarious.

  2. […] I posted about the need for our food box program here and here several months ago.  We are so thankful to each of you that have been giving faithfully to […]

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