A few of you that know the team that is here have written and asked how they are doing.  They arrive safely and are doing fine.  We have been keeping them busy.  This AM the team went to the semi container and organized the remaining boxes that were left.  This was a huge help to us to be able to find needed supplies.  They have been counting pills and bagging them up for the clinic.  They have been doing VBS for 20 children each afternoon.  We have a graduation for a class tomorrow that they will be helping out with.  And in their free time 🙂 they are loving on the kids in the RC.


Singing with the kids

Who knew you could have this much fun with a spoon and empty medicine cups!


2 Responses to VBS

  1. Cheryl E says:

    So glad to hear all is going well! The photos are great!! I’m so happy to see a bit more plump cheeks on the little 5 year old sweetie!!! I hope she is turning around… Love on all the kiddos for me, and tell everyone hi..
    Cheryl from Indiana. There at RHFH 6/10-6/17 with the Marcum group.

  2. Bekki says:

    Is the girl in the orange striped dress Marlene? The one Eddie helped with? I hope so – she looks so much better!
    Love to everyone!

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