I’m taking this blog hostage until you smile!!

While Licia, Enoch, Henley and Trey headed into Port au Prince today for a doctors visit for Licia and the baby I (Jess) have brutally taken over the blog because we need some photos of your glorious faces!! The engineers that are here to plan for the new land have a GINORMOUS job to do. They are donating their time and resources to be here and we want to give them a huge “Thank You, Merci, Gracias, etc…”

With that said, I need YOU to send me creative pictures of you and your kids, you and your hot significant other, your kids and their guinea pig, or you and your exotic hat that you bought in Mexico, etc. with a sign that says “Thank You” in whatever language you speak. Your pictures and pictures of people in and around Real Hope for Haiti will be plastered all over their living and work areas to let them know how much we appreciate all they are doing! (E-mail to: j.micah6.8@gmail.com)

Here are a few examples from around RHFH:











I need at least 50 by 6PM Central time today!! Get on it people!! 🙂


One Response to I’m taking this blog hostage until you smile!!

  1. Cheryl E says:

    Thank you so much Jess for this project!!! Thank you engineering team!! We were there from 6/10-6/17…the work RHFH is doing is life changing for Cazale, Haiti, and those who come in to visit. Keep up the good work…
    Love to you all…
    Cheryl E.
    Matthew 25:31-46

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