Hoping and praying

So…. I have had two people write me about the teaching position. I wrote them back and have not heard from them yet. Getting a little stressed! So if you have a chance pass the word around for me. Feel free to put the video and post up and get the word out. I would love to have some idea of what we are doing before the baby gets here. God can do it! There is someone out there that He has hand picked for this position. Will you join me in prayer that they contact me soon. 🙂

Just in case you wanted to see our beatiful faces.  (photo credit to Anna)


6 Responses to Hoping and praying

  1. Lori says:

    I posted it on my Facebook. I think it sounds like a great opportunity for someone! I can imagine how much you would appreciate having things set up before the baby comes. I am praying!!

  2. Sharel says:

    You could send them to me from Sept. to Dec. I will home school them. Send them back in Jan and I will send them back in May. Maybe we could even do a couple of class trips to Haiti Fall , Spring and Christmas. I promise they would have structure always. Love always lots of friends always, church always and even home chores everyday. If you can”t find one I for sure can do it here. Sorry best I can do.
    Love ya

  3. Cynthia says:

    Good Morning!
    Well, I’ve never been a teacher before, but I did work for almost 10 years at The Holland Home, in South Holland, IL as an Activity Assistant under the direction of Barb Van Milligan (Roberta Vander Zwaag’s mother) and then as the Admissions Coordinator there. I have also worked with The Salvation Army both in Peoria, Illinois and in Temple, TX. Barb VM sent me a FB message this morning and suggested I look at your site. As I said, I have NO experience as a ‘real’ teacher, but I don’t know what credentials you might need. You may write to me privately at the email provided above.
    Leaving this conversation in God’s hands,

  4. Debbie Woodward says:

    I e-mailed this to 3 people this morning who I hope will be encouraged to spread the word.

    Praying that you find someone soon for the wonderful boys you have.

  5. Cheryl E says:

    Still praying that you find the right person. I’m sure God will work it out. He always does, in His timing. Hang in there. Thinking and praying for you all, from here in Indiana.
    Love, Cheryl Engbrecht

  6. julie says:

    hi licia!

    just letting you know I posted your post and video. perfect timing for me to be able to do it. praying so much for God’s provision. Also still praying for a vehicle for you guys – my folks are headed out to look at one for us this weekend. through the drama and uncertainty we know it will all work out.


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