School Sponsorship

I am going to begin putting up some children for the school sponsorship program.  If  you are interested please email us at

This is Dave, 8 years old, (white shirt) and Sacha, 6 years old, (black shirt) and their mother.  Their home was destroyed during the earthquake. They were able to escape and were not harmed.  Their father left several years ago and they have not seen him since.  They are currently living in a tent.  The boys would like to attend school again next year.  They are smart and enjoy learning.  They are doing their best to live with their mother in the tent but it is hard at times.  Especially when it rains.

This is Jordany and his mother.  He is 11 years old.  They also live in a tent due to their home being damaged from the earthquake.  Jordany is a very smart young boy that was in the top of his class last year.  He hopes to return to school this coming fall.  His mother is working slowly to rebuild their home that was damaged.

You can sponsor a child for $250.oo per year or $20 per month.  This covers all cost from their school.


2 Responses to School Sponsorship

  1. Benita says:

    Where do we send the money?

  2. haitirescuecenter says:

    Real Hope For Haiti
    P.O. Box 23
    Elwood, IN 46036

    Include a note stating it is for school sponsorship

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