• The boys are in Port this week.  They are going to a day camp that has all kinds of activities.  They are having fun!  Enoch is staying with them in town, so I am by myself at the house.
  • I talked to Trey on the phone last night and he wanted to know what time it was where I was at.  I told him the same time.  He told me he felt like I was so far away that it must be a different time where I am at.  Then he asked me if it would be as long as the earthquake that we would be apart.  He already misses his mommy.
  • Comment from Enoch—did you know it takes a lot of work to get three kids ready in the morning.  You have to make sure they brush their teeth, take a bath, feed them and get them dressed.  He got done saying that and then said okay don’t answer that question 🙂
  • I have a very promising candidate for a teacher for the boys for this coming year.  We are both praying and asking the Lord to lead us!  Will you pray as well?
  • Anna has only written three times and asked if she can come back next year 🙂
  • We saw 300 patients today in the clinic.  Actually as I type the last 20 are sitting on the bench waiting to be seen.
  • There is a group of spanish speaking youth here in Cazale.   They are staying with the Catholic Priest that lives here but is originally  from Argentina.  They have been coming down each day and helping with the kids in the RC.  Only a few of them speak english and I do not speak spanish.  But when you think about it holding kids and changing diapers does not need much translation.
  • Went to the doctor yesterday.  The baby is growing and gaining weight.  I went through clothes and things this past week.  Trying to begin to get ready.  Someone wrote me an email and asked if I was ready for the girl who was coming?  I seriously got outr the master calender for teams and was stressing out thinking I has forgotten someone that was coming in.  After a few minutes I remembered they were talking about the baby.  That is how busy these  past months have been.
  • We will be heading into Port-au-Prince on August 10th to stay at Enoch’s brothers house unil the baby is born.  This will put us about a 30 minute drive from the hospital instead of 2 or 3 hours.
  • Dad will be returning to the states on Aug 10th for two months
  • It is so very hot here in Cazale.  You just sweat all the time.
  • There are currently 27 kids on the medika mamba program.
  • Last year a group of doctors came in from UCLA and taught the nurses and Lori how to do PAP test and screening for STD’s.  To make a long story short there have been about 15 to 20 women that have or a in the beginning stages of cervical cancer.  There is currently no place that we know of in Haiti to treat these women.  The doctor that is helping with this project lined up for another OB/GYN doctor to come to Cazale this past Saturday.  She did a procedure that removes or burns off beginning cells of the cancer in the cervix.  There were 15 women that were able to have this life saving procedure done right here in the mountains of Cazale.  God is so good!  We are working on helping the other ladies that are in advance stages find a way to go to the DR for treatment. 
  • I miss Lori!
  • If anyone has backpacks or shoes for the school sponsorship program please email me and let me know.  licia@realhopeforhaiti.org So I can begin to plan on how we will be getting them here in Cazale.

3 Responses to

  1. Caroline says:

    I have a few bullet points for you, too!

    – Trey might be THE funniest cutest child I know. Good thing Henley is the sweetest and Carmelo is trickiest!

    – Just remind Enoch how much you will appreciate his help when that girl comes 🙂

    – I am SO praying for your potential teacher 🙂

    – Can I come back with Anna?

    – I know Spanish, can I come back?

    – Is your dork of a Dad seriously going to miss the birth of his first grandaugher?! Oh papa Zach…

    – So sad and yet so excited to hear about the results of the pap tests, God is too good.

    – I miss Lori, too! At least we know that while she is with Casey he is making her smile lots and lots!

  2. L says:

    I miss you too! but not the sweat or bugs or late night sutures or cold showers or mosquitos or roosters with bad timing or muddy walks home or juggle rot rashes or ….well, you get the idea. 🙂

  3. there is sometimes an OBGYN at Haiti Health Foundation in Jeremie. I know it is a long way but sometimes you can make a connection and they can visit your clinic before they go to Jeremie. Wish I could give you names and contacts but not this minute.


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