New kids from last week

This is Johanne.  She is 2 years old and weighs 19 pounds.  She is malnourished, has fever, vomiting and diar. (currently on the medika mamba program)

This is Mirlande in September of 2009 with her papa.  She had kwashiorkor and weighed 26 pounds.  Her lowest weight in the RC was 25 pounds. (currently on the medika mamba program for the 2nd time)

She began the medika mamba program right away and went up to 32 pounds in 5 weeks.  She was doing so well when we sent her home in November 2009.

She is back this week weighing 30 pounds and has kwashiorkor again. 

I posted the picture from 2009 and from this past week with her dad.  The first thing I notice is that dad is wearing the same shirt and last year.  Is this a big deal. no not really.  But when people come to the clinic they are always wearing their best clothing and try to be as clean and well dressed as they can be.  Same shirt just a little lighter from the sun.  The mother is not around much and the family says she is not mentally stable.  So her dad is doing the best he can with her.  I really believe that.  He brought her back with the first signs of kwashirokor.  He loves her and wants her to live.  And for that I am thankful today.  Will you pray for Mirlande, her mama, papa and 3 other siblings at home.


One Response to New kids from last week

  1. Bekki says:

    Aw, Licia. It just sucks big time that a daddy is doing his BEST to raise his kids – and even at his best, one of them is on the yo-yo of malnutrition. I am so glad you are there to serve and help out these people who try their best – and it isn’t good enough.

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