New Medika Mamba grads

I am so excited about more kids graduating from the medika mamba program.  I am still in love with this wonderful product that is produced right here in Haiti.  It is changing lives and helping kids survive and recover from severe malnutrition.  We are so thankful to Meds & Food For Kids for their hard work in providing this product here in Haiti.  We are forever grateful to Randy and Pat M. at World Wide Village for taking the steps to get this project started here at RHFH.  RHFH did not have the funding or time to make it happen.  They came and did it for us.  Love you both!  A big thank you to Troy and Tara L.  for all the fundraising and running (Tara) a marathon for these kids.  Everyone of them is worth all the training and pain you went through.  Miss you bothso much! Thank you to all of you that have given for this project.  Thanks to those that have filled the mamba bowls each night for months.  You are not forgotten.  Lives are being changed one at a time.  We are all apart of it. 


16 pounds      (took 4 months)              22 pounds



 21 pounds  (took 2 months)              24 pounds


 18 pounds (took 6 weeks)                  22 pounds


25 pounds     (took 6 weeks)              28 pounds



26.5 pounds (lowest weight)  (took 7 weeks)    35 pounds


14 pounds     (took 5  months)               22 pounds


One Response to New Medika Mamba grads

  1. Dawn S says:

    It makes my heart happy to see these sweet babies looking healthy and happy!!

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