Update on Sodlyne

Remember Sodlyne?  Here is a picture of her below.  She was admitted into a Peds hospital in Port several months ago.  They told the father that she was TB positive and had all the family go into town from their mountain village to be tested for TB.  Everyone was tested and then the hospital would not give them the results.  RHFH has been paying for a lady to stay and give her 24 hour care in the hospital.  We also provide funds for the father to go visit her weekly.  They requested a C-scan of her stomach area a few weeks ago.  We sent the funds to have this procedure done.  They did it and again would not give the father the results or explain what was wrong with his daughter.    She was sent home last week with a bag of vit-D vitamins and Tylenol.  They did not give her any medication for her TB treatment.  Her stomach is still large and swollen but not quite as bad.  This is a classic example of this hospital.  There is no follow-up and not much communication with the family to let them know what is happening with their child.  We are back to square one with her.  She is happy and not in pain so that is a plus.  Will you continue to pray for her?

Sodlyne this week.


4 Responses to Update on Sodlyne

  1. Rob says:

    Hope she continues to do well. Cannot understand why the hospital wouldn’t give out the test results! If you paid for them, they should tell you! Her abd. is still really swollen. Still praying.

  2. Karen Osler says:

    What hospital did she go to? In PaP? How frustrating.

  3. happymom4 says:

    Oh no . . . My heart breaks for her family. I so can NOT wait till Heartline has their clinic/hospital up and running! The time can not come soon enough. . . God bless the fundraising!!

  4. Roberta says:

    I love seeing her smile. I really loved spending time with her and couldn’t believe how happy and positive she was despite her swollen belly. Praying for her!!!

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