An idea from aunt Lori

Hey!  I’m so happy to be an aunt again.  I’m sure that Ameyah will get her share of love, affection, and maybe a little spoiling from me and lots of Haitians here.  We are so happy to have a baby girl here!  They boys were great, but baby girl stuff is just so cute!!  Bows, lace, flowers,  and barrettes!  Many people have given so many great and needed items for Ameyah.  THANK YOU!!!  Licia has so many gorgeous outfits and wonderful baby care items & equipment for her.  There have been a few people asking if there is anything that they can do or send for her.  The number one request that we have is for you to pray for Licia, Ameyah, and the whole family during this transition and recovery time.  After that, honestly every need has been met……except one – transportation.  They have a small car that has work for the family for many years, but will be too small with the addition of Ameyah.  Licia has been trying to raise funds for the past few months in hopes of buying a vehicle that would transport the whole family.  Thank you so much for the people that have given!!  They are getting closer and closer to their goal.  If you are wanting to bless Ameyah and Licia, please consider donating to their truck fund in lieu of a sending a gift.  Look on the right side bar (in the 3rd & 4th squares down) for more info on how to give to Betor famiy vehicle fund.  Thanks!


2 Responses to An idea from aunt Lori

  1. Bekki says:

    Wonderful idea – count me in! give Ameyah a kiss from me!

  2. Sarah says:

    Yeah! Great idea! Just sent my baby gift!

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