Haitian Proverbs

Pitit se riches malere
Children are the wealth of the poor
One’s hope and riches lie in the future of one’s children.

ou fe timoun men ou pa fe santiman yo
You make children, but you don’t make thier personalities
You can’t change who your children are at heart

Degaje pa peche
To make-do is not a sin
Doing what one must to survive is not a evil.

Lespwa fe viv
Hope gives life
Hope gives one the strength to carry on

2 Responses to Haitian Proverbs

  1. Karen Osler says:

    Those were newer proverbs. I love Haitian proverbs! Thanks for sharing and for doing what God calls us all to do! Enjoy the baby and this web site as you wait for the baby to come! http://www.haitianproverbs.com/

  2. Debby Smith says:

    Great photos of the children. I packed medical supplies for RHFH over at the warehouse in NE Minneapolis yesterday. I enjoy sorting and packing.

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