A few more pictures of baby Ameyah


10 Responses to A few more pictures of baby Ameyah

  1. Debbie Woodward says:

    PRECIOUS — all of it!!

    Enoch — you are a great dad. I loved your comments.

  2. Anna K. says:

    i am in love with these pics. please can we find a way to come to cali with your family 😉

  3. Mari says:

    Congratulations! She is gorgeous!

  4. kathy says:


  5. Bekki says:

    I said – she’s kinda pale. Eddie said – she’ll darken. In any case – she is beautiful!

  6. Vicki says:

    Awww… so sweet! Give her a special kiss from Illinois.

  7. Sarah from Canada says:

    Congratulations!! What a sweet blessing to your family 🙂 Enjoy these precious newborn days …

  8. haitirescuecenter says:

    From Enoch:

    I thank God for all these blessings and these wonderful children. We have been married for ten(10) years and it wasn’t all easy but God has always been there for us. Every time a door is closed, He opens two more for us. Our number one prayer subject is that God leads my family to the right way and shows my kids the right direction. Pray that my wife is recovered from all stress and sadness of this hard world. Pray that God helps me to raise these kids in his way to become servants of humanity that He wants them to be. I am so blessed.

  9. haitirescuecenter says:

    Bekki! The boys were this same shade when they were born. She will get darker with time. She is so sweet!

    Anna! I miss you so much and the boys miss you too. Can you believe that Ameyah is actually here with us. I am still trying to adjust to all the pink clothes and blankets!

  10. Debbie Woodward says:

    What’s wrong with being kinda pale???

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