Update on Betor Vehicle Fund

Enoch and I wanted to thank each of you that have given to the vehicle fund for our family.    We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and love to us.  This is a very difficult fund rasing item for our family to take on.  We know that many people do not understand the importance of a vehicle here in Haiti.  We live about 1.5 hours from the capital city of Port-au-Prince.  The road that comes into Cazale is a dirt/gravel road.  It had improved over the past few years but it still takes a toll on your vehicle going over all the bumps and rocks.  We have in the past used a little car that is shared by some of Enoch’s family members in town.  It is a small car that has trouble making it into Cazale.  It is low to the ground and we often hit bottom on the different potholes on the road.  We have been making it work for us these past few year.  But now we cannot all fit in the car at the same time.  We would love to be able to go out together as a family from time to time.  We would love to be able to travel to church together.  We would love to feel like a normal family that can enjoy each other away from the mission and work at Cazale from time to time.  We believe this is very important for us to grow together as a family.

As of today there has been $4246.13 given towards the goal of $15,000.  That means we are still short $10,753.87.  This seems like a big amount and a far away goal.  But we know with God’s help all things are possible.  We again appreciate all of you that have come along side of our family and RHFH and supported us throughout the years.  We are grateful to so many for your kind words and comments to us.  They keep us going on the hard days.  If you feel you could give to this special need there is an address to send the funds to for tax deduction or a paypal button for non-taxable donations on the right hand side of the blog.  If you have any questions please email us at licia@realhopeforhaiti.org.


4 Responses to Update on Betor Vehicle Fund

  1. Anna K. says:

    oh my gosh- i love carmelo’s face in this pic. you have a beautiful family- i hope you never get sick of people telling you that 😉 love from me,

  2. Debbie Woodward says:

    Carmelo is looking like a buff young man. WOW!

    Blessings to all of you.

  3. Jean says:

    What a beautiful family you have. Ameyah is so cute. Love all her dark hair.

  4. Trish says:

    I hope you and ALL of your beautiful kids are doing well and you are feeling great! Is Ameyah a calm or fussy baby? (With so many people to cuddle her, how could she be fussy???) What a lucky girl to have three big bros to take care of her!

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