Backpacks and shoes

RHFH is still in need of backpacks and shoes for this coming school year.  We are able to find backpacks here in Haiti for $8 to $10 US.  We had a church that was planning to fund part of this project but the funding did not come through.  We are still in need of around 80 backpacks.  If you can help with this project please let us know at   We have a few people coming in September that might be able to hand carry some in for us.  $800 could fund this whole project and purchase a very nice backpack for all of the children in the school sponsorship program.

New or gentle used shoes can be sent down on the next semi-container.


Someone has pledged $800 to purchase the needed backpacks.  Someone else will be hand carrying in some for us the second week of September.  We will be able to help many, many children this year will backpacks, shoes and supplies.  RHFH is so excited about this project!  God is good!


3 Responses to Backpacks and shoes

  1. Debbie Woodward says:


    We have about 30 backpacks that we are bringing to Indiana on September 11th. I don’t know your total goal but I bet you only need about 50.

    Anyone in Minnesota area that wants to send backpacks can get them to:

    Debbie Woodward
    Northrup King Building – Main Office
    1500 Jackson Street NE
    Minneapolis, MN 55413

    Phone: (612) 363-5612

    We are also heading to Milbank, South Dakota on Labor Day Weekend (if you are reading from that area) and check with me about a Iowa (near Omaha) express to South Dakota on Labor Day Weekend.

  2. Sandra says:

    Hi Licia,

    When is the next semi-container heading out, and where do we send supplies? Thanks! 🙂

    • haitirescuecenter says:

      It will leaving Indiana the end of September. Would be best to have everything there by the 20th of Sept. There is someone coming from MN on Sept 10th that is driving a load of supplies to IN. Or you can email at for an adress in IN. THANKS!

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