These 3 kids are alive!

We did not think these three kids would live.  They are all alive today—By the grace of God.

Jn Rony-had terrible kwashiokor-his swelling is down and he is eating well now.  He will have a long recovery.

Ojean, Ojean, Ojean.  He has been through so much in the past two months.  But the in the past two weeks he has gained 5 pounds!

Elita is walking!  We are so excited about this and she gained 3 pounds this week.  She (and not the worms) are finally getting the food!


5 Responses to These 3 kids are alive!

  1. Anna K. says:

    THAT IS NOT OJEAN. i do not believe it. ohhh my gosh. God is SOOO good 🙂 wow licia- i just want to get on a plane and come back.

  2. Jess Lehman says:

    PRAISE THE LORD!! I don’t think I ever saw Ojean smile the whole time I was there…how awesome to finally be able to see it!! He is so cute and he looks so chubby! I just want to kiss all there little cheeks!!

  3. Debbie Woodward says:

    Always amazing to see the transition. THANK YOU to all the staff and your family for being light in the dark times.

  4. lise budreo says:

    So happy to see Ojean looking so great!!! Thanks for all you do Licia and team! Sent off a box today with supplies and pillowcase dresses for the container!

  5. Clay Adkisson says:

    So glad Elita is doing so well!

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