• Artist for Hope here this week in Cazale.  Helping several people learn different ways to create art and make some cash doing it.
  • Backpacks and school supplies being given out to over 100 kids this week.
  • If you are sponsoring a child be sure to send your funds in soon!
  • New teacher and her dad coming in this week 🙂
  • Licia going to her final dr appointment on Friday
  • Ameyah going for check-up on Friday
  • Missionary friends from Indiana visit RHFH today and tomorrow
  • Admitted 1 new child today
  • 2 kids died this past weekend
  • working 12 to14 hours a day and trying to breastfeed a newborn is hard work
  • dad is still working on raising funds for the semi container coming in October
  • people sleeping outside our gate tonight waiting to pass in the clinic tomorrow
  • Medika mamba is still saving lives—-11 kids graduated this week.
  • Tomorrow is a new day!

2 Responses to

  1. Dawn Scott says:

    You continue to do amazing things. I mailed my school sponsorship check on Friday. Wish I was there with Roberta. 🙂

  2. Bekki says:

    Wow, you guys are crazy busy – like always, right? Love the photos – too bad Enoch isn’t more excited about his daughter. LOL sending hugs!

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