School Sponsorship

UPDATE:  We have sponsors for all three of these boys! 

I have three boys that are currently in need of a sponsor for school this year.  The school sponsorship program is $250.00 per student per school year.  This covers the cost of uniforms, books, actual school fees, all school supplies, backpacks and other small school expenses.  You will get a profile of your child with a current picture and a few updates throughout the school year.  Please email me at for more information or if you are interested. You can donate through paypal on the upper right hand side of my blog or send donation to the address listed at the same place.  Please include a memo or note stating it is for school sponsorship.

Wilson is the son of one of our employees.  They were living in a house that was badly damaged in the earthquake and are currently living in a tent.  He likes to help his mom at home with cleaning and getting water for the house.  He likes to play soccer with his friends.

This is Orlandes.  He had a brother that was in the RC and passed away last year.  He is currently living with his grandmother and she is unable to send him to school this year.  Grandma is doing her best to help her grandson but is not able to make ends meet.  She is also receiving food boxes from RHFH.

This is Bycharda.  He was a child that was in the RC for malnutrition many years ago.  While he was with us we notice that he could not hear.  He is currently attending a school for the deaf in Port-au-Prince.  This will be the third year that he has attended this school.  He really enjoys it there and has made great advances in his school work since beginning school. We have one sponsor for him that is giving $250.00 but this only covers half of his cost as his school is more expensive so we still need someone to cover the other half at $250.00


2 Responses to School Sponsorship

  1. Debby Smith says:

    I packed things for you all day today here in Minneapolis. I enjoy packing and organizing. Debbie W will bring the things to Indiana on Friday.
    Take care of yourself as you care for your beautiful new baby. You do not want to get too rundown and sick. It is ok to rest. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Brandon M. says:

    Are these boys still available for school sponsorship? I know this was posted a few days ago.

    Thank you!!

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