Sibling set for school sponsorship

This is a sibling set of three children.  Their mother died in June of this year.   The father is a local farmer and is trying hard to make ends meet.  He walked about 5 hours to reach us here in Cazale to request help for his children.  He loves his kids and wants the best for them.

This is Flerismond.  He is 13 years old and will be starting the 4th grade.

This is Adeline.  She is 17 years old and will be starting the sixth grade.  She would like to be a nurse when she gets older.

This is Maudeline.  She is a the twin sister of Adeline.  She is also 17 and will be starting the 6th grade.  She wants to be a nurse just like Adeline.

The school sponsorship program is $250.00 per student per school year.  This covers the cost of uniforms, books, actual school fees, all school supplies, backpacks and other small school expenses.  You will get a profile of your child with a current picture and a few updates throughout the school year.  Please email me at for more information or if you are interested. You can donate through paypal on the upper right hand side of my blog or send donation to the address listed at the same place.  Please include a memo or note stating it is for school sponsorship.


One Response to Sibling set for school sponsorship

  1. Shadley says:

    We are interested in sponsoring someone! I will email you.

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