New children admitted last week

The RC is beyond full right now.  We have well over 65 kids right now.  We are being pulled and stretched.  We are looking for extra space and trying the best we can to help as many children as we can.  We are in the life-saving business and it is hard sometimes.  There are two kids on IV’s today and many that are battling the fine line between life and death.  Lori had two people having seizures this AM, one child and a lady that was 6 months pregnant.  She is trying to get everything arranged to travel in Port tomorrow.  There is a surgical team that arrived here in Haiti this week.  They are working out of Double HarvestDr. Jen H. let us know about this team and is  and doing the care after the surgeries at Heartline Hospital.  Lori has 21 patients that might be able to get surgery tomorrow.  Surgery that would be hard to get or impossible to have here in Haiti.  Each of these patients had to have medical testing before hand, each need a place to sleep tonight, each need a meal to eat, each need a kind touch, each need to know that we care and love them.  Lori will be traveling tomorrow with all the patients.  They would all appreciate your prayers.  We are trying so hard but many days do not feel we can get everything done that needs to be done. Pray for us. 


is 12 years old

and weighs 50 pounds

she needs your prayers to recover.  She is currently receiving medika mamba in hopes that she will live.


is 4 years old and weighs 26 pounds

He has kwashiorkor.  He had 4 other siblings but 3 have died. He is currently receiving Medika mamba is hopes that he will live.

Current total for the vehicle fund is $6,944.00 this includes the matching funds so far.


3 Responses to New children admitted last week

  1. Jess Lehman says:

    praying…love you guys.

  2. Kathy says:


  3. Roberta says:

    Oh my goodness. These two instantly brought tears to my eyes. Wow. 😦 Thank you for loving these kids and we are praying for extra energy and enough time to accomplish all you need to!

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