6 weeks old!

UPDATE on Vehicle Fund:  currently there has been $584.00 donated towards the matching fund.  We have $1916.00 to finishing matching.  There has been three people that have pledged funds that will be coming in soon!  We are so excited!


4 Responses to 6 weeks old!

  1. Laura Ingram says:

    oh her little cheeks!!! She is so precious!!

  2. Dee says:

    We just sent off some $ for the vehicle fund…came back to site & saw this! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Anna K says:

    licia- she is just so stinking adorable!!! i hope the boys are loving school this year- the day they started i couldn’t help wanting to cry knowing how much I miss of your guys’ lives now. tell them hi and that ill focus if they will 😉

  4. Debby Smith says:

    You are both beautiful! It is so nice to have a little girl.

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