Can you help us find

a new  “heavy duty” scale for the clinic?  Our old one is on its last leg.  We have been using this scale for over 10 years.  It has done well and weighed over 8000 kids each year!  If some of you have time can you search out a place we can purchase a new one at? Better yet maybe a doctors office has a spare one they are not using.  We would love one that has kg and pounds on it both. Let us know at or leave a comment below!


3 Responses to Can you help us find

  1. liz seay says:

    hi lori-
    i’ve emailed our pediatrics office about it…
    praying for you all.
    i will you let you know if they respond.

  2. christi says:

    Hi Licia and Lori –
    I have a little used one that is similiar to the one in photo……bought it for use with my foster children. Newborn weights, etc. very light use…. I can send it with Anna or when we come in January if you like?…..Chriti

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