Ameyah-2 months old

We often find little toys beside Ameyah when she is sleeping.  Trey says he does not want her to be by herself when she sleeps 🙂


6 Responses to Ameyah-2 months old

  1. Kathy says:

    too adorable–and so healthy looking

  2. Claire says:

    She is just beautiful! So sad your mom isn’t here to play with her, but I bet she is with her in the spirit.
    God Bless you all

  3. Debbie Woodward says:

    So — how many years before we see her where the same outfit twice?? TOO CUTE!

  4. georgi says:

    she is so precious, and gets cuter with each picture we see.

  5. Sandy Kinnaman says:

    More beautiful all the time. Enjoy her!

  6. Dawn S says:

    What a precious little girl….

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