The community of Cazale has given a house to treat any Cholera patients that the zone of Cazale might have.  We went today with the Community Development Group and set the house up.  We are all hoping and praying that we do not have to use this facility at all.  But we also want to be prepared.  We are so thankful to our community leaders for working together to make sure that we are ready to handle cases if need be.

Lori met today with members from the surrounding local  communities.  These  individuals are those that have some knowledge in the health field.  They talked for several hours about the current Cholera outbreak in Haiti.  We are all concerned about those that live in the mountains behind us.  There are many villages that are deep back in these mountains areas.   Most of these villages do not have road access by vehicle.  All travel in is by animal or foot.  RHFH will begin tomorrow sending out  teams to these village.  There will be 6 teams with 2 people on each team.  Our plan is to then gather the village community together and education them on prevention and the spread of Cholera.

We need to purchase 6 megaphones for these teams.  Each megaphone is $68.00  Each megaphone takes  6 batteries so we are wanting to get 24 rechargeable battery with chargers. The cost for this will be around $200.00

We will be paying each of these health care worker to travel to these village.  We are estimating that this will take 4 weeks. 

The break down for this project will be

  • Megaphones ( 6 X 68.00)=$408.00
  • batteries and chargers=$200.00
  • payroll for 12 workers=$2160.00
  • transportation to villages=$2000 (vehicle, motorcycle, animal)
  • communication by phone=$125.00 ( each workers will call each day to give reports)
  • coping of handout estimate=$150.00

TOTAL cost for this project is $5043.00

The red line with the ! point is the infected river. The shaded yellow area will be the total area that we can reach with education. 


 We believe that education on Cholera is very, very, very important to prevent the spread of the disease around the country.  If you are interested in helping with this need you can donate by using the paypal button on the upper right hand side of the blog or by using the RHFH address that is listed.  Please email me at if you have questions or are interested.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!


3 Responses to Education

  1. Rob says:

    So glad you guys are being proactive! You are doing something that will hopefully keep thousands from being ill. Way to go! God bless you and all the people who will be working along side of you. May God bless Haiti!

  2. […] month the community of Cazale gave Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center a house that they set up as a Cholera clinic. At the same time they were praying that the cholera epidemic might not reach Cazale, but now it […]

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