The teams have been going out for two days now into village all around us.  It is amazing that so many have not heard about the Cholera outbreak.  Some villages have heard  but do not understand it and have heard bad advice about it.  For example there was a village that was traveled to yesterday.  Everyone in the village heard that the water sources were poisoned and no one was to eat or drink from any water sources. So most people had not made food with water or drank any water for several days.  They were eating bread and trying to buy bottled drinks.    Everyone was very thirsty and hungry!  They were so excited when our health workers arrived and told them what Cholera was and how to treat the water.  Another group was on their way up the mountain to another village.  People that were walking the path asked them where they were going.  The were so happy that the clinic would send people to talk to them that they offered to walk them back up the mountains to the village.  Everyone is very interested and wanting as much information as they can to learn about Cholera.  Each village has been very, very thankful to the workers for coming and visiting.  We are encouraged and excited about this project.


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