• A new team arrived today of 3.  Very excited that they are here. Love them.
  • Team of 8 visiting for the day tomorrow
  • Team of 10 leaving tomorrow
  • Team of 10 is still out working in the community tonight with headlights from the vehicles to get finished
  • We have two kids tonight that are fighting to live.  One is on feeding tube, IV fluids and having seizures. (Kepthania-she is a post below) The other child had been in our care for almost three years.  They returned to their family last week.  It was a set of twins girls Rose-Manie and Rose-Marie.  Rose-Manie is back today (less than a week later) and almost dead.  I am heart-broken for these girls. Heart-broken in two pieces.
  • We can only use the internet for about 1 hour eachday because of careless team members (last month) that used to much of our bandwith.  Not nice of them. grrrr
  • Ameyah will be 3 month old in a few days.  My plan to slow down some is not working.  That makes me sad.  🙂
  • Anna bought her tickets in come in December
  • There are crews of men cleaning off the new purchased land getting it ready.  That is exciting to all of us at RHFH.
  • I just went to check on kids in the RC and there are over 50 people sleeping outside our gate tonight.  They asked me for pieces of cardboard to sleep on. 
  • Cholera is growing eachday.  There are many, many reports all over the country.  There are more cases than are being reported.  It is not under control. 
  • Are we making a dent here?
  • Each week RHFH is receiving many donated supplies from all over.  Thank you Jesus for your blessing to us.
  • Tuesday we are not ready for you.

11 Responses to News

  1. Ellen Dunaway says:

    Licia, I am praying for you tonight, for your broken heart and for those precious little girls. I will be lifting you up tomorrow (Tuesday)too.

  2. Jess Lehman says:

    Oh precious Rose Manie 😦

    Praying like crazy…one week?? How the crap does that happen? O’Lord, put your hand on these precious girls.

  3. christi says:

    Oh Licia, words are so inadequate….. Praying for all of you, Christi

  4. Erin R says:

    Father God, I lift up our dear friends – Your precious children – at RHFH. Father I ask that You reach down, wrap each of them in Your loving arms, bring comfort and encouragement to their hearts. Strengthen them in every area of their life, Lord, as they serve You and those You bring to them. Thank You, Father, that You continue to bring in the needed provisions. Thank You for touching each little one through these precious people You have called to serve in Haiti. Please Lord, protect their lives, encourage their hearts, refresh their bodies with sweet rest and give them Your wisdom to do what You need done. Thank You, Father, for their willing hearts, their courage to stay when it would be so easy to leave, for their love lived out with every hug, every tear, and every meal they provide. Please let them know that they are being lifted up in the prayers of many. Help them sense Your presence this very night. Thank You Father for all that You are doing for them, in them and through them. In Your Precious Son’s Name, Jesus Christ, AMEN !

  5. Keverly says:

    Rose-Manie? Seriously? That breaks my heart too. I don’t understand how it happens so fast. I’m praying for her and Kepthania, and for you all.

  6. Fred Jacobi says:

    I pray daily for the people of Haiti and the people that work so hard to help and comfort them. Please remember our God is good and he is always with us. God Bless you all.

  7. Lonetta Felz says:

    My Danielle is one of the 3 visiting there right now.
    I pray that her nursing experience will be a great help to you over the next few days. My family is all praying for all of you.

  8. kristen says:

    I touched my screen, as if to be praying right over her.

  9. Cathy says:

    Praying for you all with a heavy heart.


  10. Roberta says:

    Ouch. 😦 Lots of prayers for everything.

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