Cholera ???

Patelma, the local town drunk,(I only write that because many of you know him) was found in his house this AM passed out laying in vomit and diar.  Lori trying to start an IV with Carole.

The lady on the cot covered with a white sheet stopped breathing last night when she entered. Lori got her going again.  She has literally filled two 5 gallon buckets with diar that is not counting her vomit.  She is on her 11th bag of IV fluids.

Some are coming in when they first get sick and we are giving them fluids to drink and watching them.  So many are scared.

I really do not know what to write today.  My emotions are all mixed up.  I am leaving Cazale for a few days with the kids and Enoch.  We had 17 people right in our front yard last night.  We are working to move them to the facility that was original set up for Cholera treatment.  Lori has not slept  yet.  The rest of us went to bed at 2am.  Today there are three of our nurses, Lori and another US nurse working.  Maybe (hoping and praying) this afternoon we will have a team of medical people coming in to help.  Someone is coming to test the water in the area.  From talking to those that came last night they are drinking treated water, but all took baths in the river.   I just went outside and someone was brushing their teeth in the river.  So some, even with all the education being given, are not getting it.  We do not want to get everyone excited and make this into something bigger than it is.  We just want to be prepared to help as many as we can.  I love Lori so much and we work so good together in these types of situation.  But…I have to think about my kids and what is best for my family right now.  It is so hard to leave for a few days.  We need your prayers right now.  I will try to have Casey or Mary update the blog as needed.  We are praying that things will calm down and there be no more cases.  But we also need to be prepared to take in more patients.  Especially as the larger facilities are getting full.  Reporting of Cholera under reported in many areas.  They are giving out list of places that are opened to receive patients.  Then some of these places are not opened.  The emergency numbers given are working now.  No results from the lab yet,  we have called multiple times but have not been able to get results.  They have told us several times that they will email us with form and info but have not yet done this.


15 Responses to Cholera ???

  1. Ronnie says:

    My prayers are with you all. May god bless.

  2. wordsculpt says:

    Incredible. Please get a “share this” button on the site, so we can share via twitter, etc. and raise awareness. May the Lord give you strength.

  3. wordsculpt says:

    Or is there a button that I missed?

  4. Claire says:

    You have to take care of yourselves. If you get sick or worse then what happens to all the people you could have helped?
    If not for God Blessing you – you might very well be one of those who lay dying.
    Let God guide you and your family giving you the wisdom and His protection.
    God Bless you all

  5. Sharon says:

    Haiti needs a miracle straight from the Lord to stop this epidemic and to clean all of Haiti’s water. Lord PLEASE! I pray also for HIS strength for you and Lori – what warriors you are! And protection for all of you. Yes, I agree with a “share” button so that we can link your site to FB friends. Love.

  6. […] At the same time they were praying that the cholera epidemic might not reach Cazale, but now it has happened.Today, Debbie Woodward writes me:Cholera is coming on strong in Cazale now.  Jess Lehman and I […]

  7. Dee says:

    Sending what money we have via paypal to help with meds and to hire extra staff. Cholera has no mercy. God does. Please take care of yourself,the boys,Enoch, and that precious baby girl. Praying.Praying.Praying.

  8. Emily says:

    We’re praying for you, your family, and all those you love at RHFH, in Cazale, and in Haiti tonight, Licia.

  9. Kay urbina says:

    We have been following the blog for weeks and praying, praying, praying. Is there a need for nonmedical volunteers? Is there anything we can do or message we can spread? Please let us know what we can do.

  10. Pastor Brad & Joan Brizendine says:

    Lori, Licia, Zach & Family – It’s continually our prayer that God will continue applying His Touch and Grace upon all of you. There are few that have made such the life-long commitment as RHFH to Haiti’s hurting and helpless. Though our hand of support has become small in the shadow of many, our hearts remain wholly devote to your success in vision, and to your fruitfulness in touching multitudes. What’s special about RHFH is … while many of us watch and remain awe struck by the devestation, you are out there making a difference. We thank you for your devotion to those who otherwise would face hardship without the “hand of Jesus”. We love all of you and pray daily for His strength.

  11. Lorenda says:


    I hope you get some rest, and some precious time with each of your children and your husband. We are praying for all of you including Lori and the other nurses as you are away.

  12. Janice Hynes says:

    Licia & Lori,
    All of you are being covered in prayer. My team from Mt.Pleasant Baptist was so honored to serve with you last week and into this week. Our hearts are with you. Thank you so much for your incredible work and devotion to the Lord. We wish we were there to take some of the burden off of you, but hope that we served you well while we were there. You remain in our hearts and prayers!


  13. Sarah says:

    Praying for you all. Praying for all of Haiti. Its just heartbreaking how fast it seems to hit the people so terribly. Stay strong Lori!! Get some sleep if you need it!!!
    Licia- have a safe break away with the kids and hubby.

  14. Debby Smith says:

    So great you can getaway and get rest. We are praying for strength in this difficult time. Praying the education will help so people will not get sick.

  15. Greg Wolf says:

    I am praying for you

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