• I am back in Cazale with my family for the time being
  • We have 5 very sick kids in the RC
  • 2 of these kids are at the Cholera house
  • 3 are in a tent in our front yard on IV’s and receiving medication
  • The RC is on “lock down” mode-no one in but workers that have to be there
  • team of 9 from ACWAM arrived today
  • awesome team of 3 leaving to return to Indiana.  Thanks for all your help!
  • Mary (teacher) Daniella and Becky (from Canada) have been a HUGE help to us!  You guys rock!
  • I saw Lori for about 10 minutes today.  She is more than worn out and tired.  She had 27 people at one time by herself.  All on IV’s. 
  • 3 nurse here from Heartline doing an awesome job on the night shift
  • 1 nurse from Global Outreach coming in tomorrow for a few days to help
  • I will try to have a count tomorrow as to how many have been sick but I know it is well over 100.
  • One lady had 24 bags of IV fluids
  • Again the amount of fluid the body can expel is unreal.
  • Samaritans purse is helping out with some supplies
  • If anyone knows of anywhere  here in Haiti we can find more IV fluids PLEASE PLEASE let us know

6 Responses to update

  1. Rob says:

    Wow! We are praying for you and the workers at the RC tonight. We know you are overwhelmed!

  2. jentmarie says:

    Praying for your courage and strength as you keep up the hard work.

  3. jeff says:

    do you have access to clean water? if we send the sugar and salt, are you able to make your own fluid? essentially, what can Agape do to help??
    Jeff Yannucciello

  4. Debbie Woodward says:


    Does Agape have any mission money from people to fly supplies in if we can get them to Agape?

  5. Gloria Long says:

    Hi Licia… praying for all of you… you all have been on our hearts and minds and will continue to pray… We fell in love with the community there and I felt as though I left a part of my heart there when we left… do hope that a little of what we were able to do is helping some… what we can do from here is pray and extend our concerns to you… just know you have people here that are lifting all of you in prayer… we believe that you all are doing a great ministry there in Cazale…

  6. Kayla says:

    Continually praying for those in Haiti…

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