Current needs list for Cholera

  • IV fluids RL prefered
  • angio cath 20, 22,26
  • bleach
  • rechargeable lights/lanterns
  • headlamps/lights
  • cots
  • plastic chairs
  • IV poles
  • alcohol
  • spray bottles
  • disinfect wipes
  • trash bags
  • iv tubing 10 drops per CC
  • ink pens
  • black sharpies
  • adult diapers
  • chux pads
  • ORS solutions
  • zithromax susp and pills
  • zofran
  • zinc pills
  • children’s diapers
  • MRE’s for staff
  • bottled water
  • solution for a temporary outhouse for workers/family of patients
  •  1 day teams of handy men to help with a few small projects-building tables etc(people already here in Haiti)



    7 Responses to Current needs list for Cholera

    1. happymom4 says:

      Praying. And sending a small donation to help purchase supplies for fighting or preventing cholera. USE IT AS NEEDED for either one. . . . our hearts are with you!

    2. Hi Licia,
      I am in Leogane and I have a suitcase full of IV supplies, solutions, tubing etc, lots of syringes, Small NG tubes and some misc supplies. What would be the most effective way to get them to you? I can bring them out or meet someone in Port. I could meet someone at the airport when Jess comes in… whatever works for you! Let me know

    3. Darla Free says:

      Are $$ best – because you’re able to buy all supplies there? Do some/any supplies need to be bought and shipped from U.S.? Best way to ship? Approximately how much do IV fluids, caths and other items cost? (Wanting to send this list to my church family and think these questions will be asked. Thanks. Praying for the children, families, workers and all.

      • Debbie Woodward says:


        Jen Halvorson is getting the IV fluids and medications together for us. If you or anyone in the church wants to contribute, you can contact Jen and let her know. We are leaving on Thursday morning and need the items by Wednesday.

    4. Debbie Woodward says:

      If anyone has items in Minnesota, I am leaving with Jess Lehman on Thursday morning. We would love any of these items by Wednesday.

      (612) 363-5612

    5. Nicole Hollingsworth says:

      I have stuff here in Illinois that I collected to bring down for my Jan trip and got way to much!! I want to give it to RHFH but I dont seem to get a response when I emailed Lica. I am sure its hectic down there and she doesnt have much time for answering emails. I have IV catheters (all sizes, but mostly peds) A huge box of various brands of 3 cc syringes with various needle sizes, various sizes of syringes without needles, a huge box of just needles, feeding bags, NG tubes 6fr, various IV adapters and extension tubing…… Its all sitting in my basement packed and ready to go. I know they could really use this stuff…..:) I wish I could snap my fingers and it would just magically appear for them where the need it most. Who can I get it to in the US that can get it down there for them……anyone flying in soon that want to take it can have it!!! Also have diapers!!

    6. […] I spoke with the people out there about any needs they have and I was told that they needed bleach, alcohol, and lime-juice … among other things. […]

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