Cholera-Day 10

The porch at the house is used for oral rehydration.  The people who are not near death and not totally dehydrated at put here to drink.  Then the staff is able to observe them and if they get worse get an IV started

There were a lot of kids admitted today

This lady was in bad shape.  She was taking her last breaths and had to be put on the floor.  Lori was able to get an IV started and she began to talk again.

Right after I took this picture Lori told me “No one is going to die on my shift”.  This is after she started the IV on the lady above.

This little girl below arrived this AM.  She and her mother got sick last night.  They began the journey down the mountains to get to Cazale in the middle of the night.  Her mother died on the way.  She made it but was in bad shape and very scared as she had just seen her mother die.  They family left the mother on the road so they could get the girl help.  She is doing much better this afternoon.

The current count of patients treated in 10 days is 227.  We want to thank each of you that have given to this need.  We also want to thank all those that are praying for us and those that are ill.

8 Responses to Cholera-Day 10

  1. Carmen says:


  2. Bekki says:

    Lori is a super hero. You are a super hero. I love you two to pieces and my prayers are with you moment to moment. I am feeling so inadequate – like I should be doing MORE!

  3. Anybody that’s been asking us how to support the effort to snuff cholera is being directed to you guys. I hope you get abundantly more support than is needed to get this thing totally beat forever. I pray protection over all your water sources, your spirits and minds as you do this hard work, and for the Living Water to flow through you and through all those IV drips to FILL FILL FILL FILL FILL!! COME ON JESUS!

  4. kathy says:

    You are truly making a difference.

  5. Ginny U. says:

    Thanks to all who continue to help the people of Haiti – Blessings and Godspeed.

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  8. […] outbreak has turned into an epidemic, with the death toll rising every day. Haiti, already poorly equipped to deal with this level of public health threat, has been grappling […]

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