What we are thankful for today


  • three great sons
  • one beautiful daughter
  • one strong wife
  • his country


  • four wonderful children
  • one husband
  • one rambo nurse sister
  • one crazy brother
  • one strong father
  • one loving mother
  • the honor to serve in Haiti
  • 70 kids in the RC


  • being part of the Betor family
  • mommy, pappy
  • a visa that took so long to get
  • Henley, Trey and Ameyah
  • Mary being my teacher


  • my mommy, pappy, and Ameyah
  • Mary my teacher
  • Carmelo who is a cool brother
  • Trey who plays with me
  • no more earthquakes in Haiti


  • my family
  • my sister, my brothers
  • my dog who is soft
  • my teacher
  • when I can watch TV when I  focus in school
  • when I can watch TV with my dog
  • cool games on mommy’s new phone

Ameyah (what the boys think she is thankful for)

  • mommy and pappy
  • her cool brothers
  • mommy always feeding her
  • her soft bed
  • her mosquito net

2 Responses to What we are thankful for today

  1. Gloria Long says:

    these are the best to be thankful for… amen to all of them… hello to Batman and Spiderman… and little Ameyah… 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:


    Those lists are so cute. Does Enoch have a fourth son? Or was that a typo. Your kids are so cute. I just want to snuggle that baby of yours.


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