Are you the one? (part #2)

This is Mary writing, the individual who has been immensely blessed to teach the Betor Boys this year. I am writing on behalf of some of the world’s most precious children:

Meet Carmelo, age 13

“The Steady One”

Future Aspirations: “I want to go to college in the states and be able to go back and forth before between Haiti. Maybe even be as famous as Wyclef one day…”

Meet Henley, age 8

“The Sweetheart”

Best Quality: “I am always honest with my friends and family. Also, I’m nice enough to play with Trey.”

Meet Trey, age 6

“The Wild Thing”

Favorite part of the day: “When we have breaks in school, when we don’t have school, and when we have vacation.”—Does anybody else see a reoccurring theme here??

And believe me, it only get’s better. Because I’m not their own mother I feel like it’s more than acceptable to unapologetically brag about how truly great these kids are. Daily I am blown away by their creativity, kindness, humor, intelligence and unmatched authenticity. I feel like I could never repay these boys for the countless blessings that they have given me.

When I first responded to Licia about coming to teach her kids there was uncertainty about how long I would be able to stay. At the time I was a student and it seemed nearly impossible for everything to fall into place. I knew in my heart that I was experiencing a call to obedience like never before, but initially the process was overwhelming. Of course the Lord faithfully worked out every minute detail and my coming was perfectly orchestrated. In the same way that my heart was burdened to come to Cazale, is the same way my heart feels that returning to school next semester is the what I’m supposed to do.

I will be staying as long as possible and leaving for school at the end of January. Starting then Carmelo, Henley and Trey will need a need a new teacher to come in (January 2011- June 2011) and learn with them about the way world works. Essentially I would like to be able to overlap with the new teacher so that the transition is smooth for everyone. The boys are in 2nd, 3rd, and 7th grade. They have always been home schooled since they live too far from town to attend any English speaking school. You will have a room to stay in here that might be shared with visitors from time to time. The family will cover all of your transportation, housing, and food costs. More important than any logistics, I promise that they will light up your life!

This post provokes so many emotions, but I am anxiously anticipating what He can and will do next. Talk about bittersweet beauty. It will be so hard for me to leave this place that I love with my whole being. It will be so hard for me to leave this family that I’ve grown to appreciate, respect and love so much. Just trying to find the right words to tell the boys was hard enough, but I know that this move is what’s right for all of us.

Being able to serve the Betor family is this way was only privilege and I considered it pure joy He thought enough of me to do His work. Everyone here is actively praying and trusting that the Lord is preparing a heart at this moment. Of course there is much to be talked about so if you feel like this new teacher could be you or you just have some questions please E-mail Enoch and Licia at  (here is the link to Are you the one? (part 1)

Check out the boys in action!

“And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love.”

-2 John 1:6

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