OH MY…..

My heart  is leaping with joy tonight.  Madelene is still alive and YOU are making a difference.

$7797 donated on paypal (includes the matching gift)

$1090 pledged to go to RHFH office $1000 pledged for school help.

$10 given by a missionary friend here in Haiti

A grand total of $9897.00 rasied in 24 hours for these beautiful children.  Updates in the coming weeks on how  families from the RC will benefit from these donations.  God is so good.  Keep praying for Madelene and her papa, Andre.  We are working on a plan for their family as well.

14 Responses to OH MY…..

  1. Debra Woodward says:

    I’m going to send $103.00 to make it an even $10,000. Many blessings to all who made this happen.

  2. Tina Toirac Stump says:

    That is so awesome!!!! Praise the Lord!!! Keep the updates coming. I have a question. Last week it was posted on FB that “Darlens is still alive”. Did he get cholora? Is he okay? Please give an update on him when you are able.

    Thanks!!! God’s blessings on you!

    Tina Toirac Stump

  3. lise says:

    you ladies are amazing! my hearts lwaping too Licia! this truly warms my heart and restores my faith in humanity!

  4. Amanda says:

    I’ve been checking you blog every chance I get today. What a miracle! I cannot wait to hear about the blessings worked through these donations.

  5. Holly Mccaghren says:

    Wanted to let you know I sent some money through Pay Pal.

  6. kristen says:

    Glad to see the hope in God…

  7. t says:

    selma avek jezi –

  8. Cami MacDonald says:

    Awesome! You ladies amaze me. All of your work, your time, energy, faith, hope and true love for these beautiful children and their families. You inspire me every day. Thank you.

  9. Nancy says:

    Hi, all. I sent an inquiry a couple of days ago (to the link provided in the upper right corner of the window). I wanted to know how to set up a monthly donation through Paypal or my bank account.

    Given how busy the Rescue center currently is, I’m not at all surprised that I haven’t heard back, and I thought that maybe one of the commenters might know how to do it and could tell me. I hope this is an OK use of the comments column.

    If someone could tell me, or send a link where I can find out, I will do it right away.

    Thanks very much.


  10. Heather says:

    Nancy – If you have BillPay on any of your bank accounts or credit cards you can set it up that way to mail a check to the Elwood, IN address. I set mine up that way and it is really slick.

  11. AnitaO says:

    I have a four year old Haitian daughter – and my heart has been broken for Madelene. Praying, and giving to the work you are doing. Praying for her father, and thank you for being part of God’s answer for provision for his family.

  12. sb says:

    What an awesome report!!!! Praise the LOrd!

  13. Sarah says:

    Praise God! I just LOVE this update!!! xoxoxo

  14. Debby Smith says:

    It is so great to see her eating. Praying she will feel better soon.

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