Cholera update

We wanted to give you an update on the Cholera in our area.  We have been seeing a decrease in patients this past week.  Many of the beds are empty.  We of course are excited about this!

Carloine and Lori getting an IV started.

Lori has truly saved hundreds of lives.  We love her deeply.  We cannot explain to you all that she has went through in the past month.  Many days she was by herself with over 20 patients.  She has done her best.  Many people are telling us that she has a great cholera house and is doing wonderful care for her patients.  She has told me several times that she has never worked this hard before in her life.  Even with the earthquake and flood.  We know that Lori’s reward will be great in heaven.

Those that can get up sit on the porch together each morning.  They sing, pray and move about a bit.

This is Ginette.  She has been helping Lori since the beginning.  She thinks and works just like Lori.  Her husband is currently in Venezuela.  He has been looking for pictures of his beautiful wife on the blog.  Men foto you Bennet!  Nou sonje ou anpil!

Some patients come in and are given ORS to drink. 

We want to thank each of you that have given and prayed for Lori and the staff during this past month.  We are very thankful to each of you.  We are thankful for the education that has gone out to many areas with RHFH health care workers.  We believe that this has prevented many cases in our area.  We are making plans to downsize soon but will still have an area to receive patients in.   We have had three volunteers these past two-weeks here at RHFH.  They have been giving Lori a break which has been nice.  We are thankful to Jessica, Nichole and Paul for their help.


3 Responses to Cholera update

  1. haitirescuecenter says:

    forgot to add a thank you Caroline fo the use of a few of your pics. Miss you!

  2. Amanda says:

    The best pictures are the last…those empty cots are beautiful for what the represent. 🙂

  3. Cheryl says:

    I have worked with Nicole, Jessica and Paul in Haiti before. You are so fortunate to have/have had these medical angels working with you–makes me a little jealous though that I am not there also!

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