The girls have graduated

The girls have all graduated from the medika mamba program after 7 weeks. Check out weeks 1 thru 6 here

week #1

week #7

Daphna- lowest weight 25 to 30 pounds

Lysemene-lowest weight 29 to 35 pounds

Fabienne-lowest weight 24 pounds to 32 pounds

Loudia-lowest weight 28 pounds to 34 pounds

I am telling you the lowest weight because you can see in the top picture they are all swollen from the kwashiorkor so they all lost some weight before they began to gain.

Special thanks to Med & Food for Kids, World Wide Village and Troy & Tara Livesay.  And to all of you that believe in us, support our work and most importantly lift us up in prayer.  Your reward will be great.  You are a part of saving these beautiful kids lives.

6 Responses to The girls have graduated

  1. enola says:

    Such beautiful girls with beautiful smiles. I hope they all stay healthy. Praying for you all.

  2. Jacki Lacher says:

    Thanks for faithfully serving as the hands and feet of Jesus! You are in our prayers!!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Truly, God has allowed you to save the lives of these precious little girls. I love seeing their beautiful smiles … may God continue to bless them and your ministry!

  4. Stephanie mueller says:

    Amazing testament to the program. So great to see their smiles.

  5. Missy says:

    That’s about the most amazing picture I have ever seen.

    What y’all do with these babies is a glimpse into our redeemed post-resurrection bodies, you know that?

  6. kalco says:

    They are girls.. why are the topless

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