I wanted you to wake up this Christmas day to the blessing I recieved on Christmas eve.  As I walked by Madelene she called out my name.  I went to her and asked what she wanted.  Fried fish she told me.  I said okay but you must sing for me today.  So I went and got the fried fish.  And she sang to us!  Sang her little heart out.

I have truely fallen in love with this little girl.  It is amazing the amount of damage that can be done from neglect and malnutriton.  But….by the grace of God…. and only by His grace……

She is improving.  She is sitting up.  She is taking her medications and eating.  She is beginning to heal.  I cannot think of a better Christmas present for me (and all of you) today.

The smiling face of Madelene.  TO God be all the Glory!

Take just a minute to read these lyrics from Grace by the Martins

I was in prison, locked up in chains sin held me captive
to sorrow and pain, years of frustrations as love passed me by
until the Master heard my hearts cry

For grace marvelous grace, I needed grace to pardon and make
me whole grace marvelous grace flows from above with infinite love
marvelous grace

I was downhearted I was broken inside praying for mercy with
nowhere to hide, there was a solace searching for me grace
everflowing that set my soul free

For grace marvelous grace I needed grace to pardon and make me
whole grace marvelous grace flows from above with infinite love
marvelous grace

I am forgiven
I am redeemed
A brand new creation He saved me and gave me a reason to sing

Grace, Grace God’s Grace grace that will pardon and cleanse within
Grace, Grace God’s Grace grace that is greater than all our sins

For Grace marvelous grace flows from above with infinite love
Marvelous Grace

9 Responses to Madelene

  1. Bekki says:

    Oh, Licia – how wonderful! Another Christmas miracle! Praise be to God for His unfathomable Grace!
    Merry merry Christmas to the Betors and the Moises and dear Papa Zach.

  2. Debra Woodward says:

    OOOHHH, this is the BEST Christmas. Her papa will be so happy. Merci Jezi!!!

  3. Tears of joy, joy, joy on Christmas morning! Thank you, Lord, for all You are doing in Madelene’s life and for the love and care of those like Licia who sacrifice so much to be ministers of that love and care in Madelene’s life.

  4. Joan says:

    A wonderful Christmas present indeed, from you to me.
    Thank you so much, I have been thinking and preying for her.

  5. m says:

    I have a question for you: What happened to her hair? In the previous photos, she had quite a bit of hair, and in this one, she’s lost most of it.

    Was it due to malnutrition or…? (I know you can lose hair due to malnutrition, but I would have thought it would have fallen out when she was at her worst, not now that she’s recovering. You know?)

    I’m curious. :o)

    Poor thing. She looks so much better already! I’m so glad to hear that she’s getting the help she needs! You can see the light in her eyes…it’s still shining bright.
    Her father must be so grateful. What better gift than your child’s life and hope for a future.

  6. Chris in Ohio says:

    What a wonderful Christmas present indeed!!! We are a foster/adoptive family who specializes in the care of medically fragile infants and toddlers. I have some medical supplies left over from one of our babies in care. If you could use such items, please let me know & I’ll be happy to ship them or send them with a work team.

  7. haitirescuecenter says:

    Almost all of our kids with severe malnutrition loss their hair. It gets really brittle and just starts falling out. Many times their hair will turn a lighter color as well. It can be a lighter brown or even red. This is also a sign of malnutrition. Most times when they come we ask the families if it is okay to cut the remaining hair as needed for the kids. She has just a little bit left on the top of her head. But she loves to put one barrett in it. So those few hairs will fall out sometime this week. Then in a few short weeks as the body begins to heal even more she will have beautiful black healthy hair begin to grow. Then I will buy tons of barretts, ribbions, clips and whatever she needs to make herself feel like the prettiest girl around. The hair growing back in will be a wonderful sign the she is healing and on the road to recovery.

  8. Roberta says:

    Love this! Can’t wait to see her with a head full of barrettes and beautiful hair in the future! 🙂

  9. Dawn Scott says:

    She has the most beautiful smile. Can’t wait to see it in person in a few weeks.

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