quick update

  • We have a team of 4 here from Indiana.  A board member, Jeremy, and his son.  Ron  (who has been here several times) and his son.  The are very low key guest. (which are the best) They work all day and play with the kids at night.  We love having them here and enjoy their fellowship. They have repaired the clinic gate and help build a house.  Today they began to repair the shelter where patients wait to be seen in the clinic.
  • We have another team of 5 here for 2 days.  This is the first time meeting them.  They were scheduled to come in right after the earthquake in Jan.  It is a mix of doctors and other medical staff.  The doctors did consults today on many people from the village.  Another did women’s health screening for 19 women.  We have a terrible burn that we took in two days ago.   They  have been helping to figure out medications and dressing changes for her. They are a great encouragement to us and the staff.  A real blessing for RHFH.  PTL!
  • Anna and Jess are still here with us.  They have been working very hard.  All the odd jobs that we cannot ask anyone else to do they have been doing.  They will never know what a great help they have been to us already.  We just love them both so much.  Lori and I need fellowship and laughter in our lives.  They are filling this need as well. 🙂
  • There is a 10-year-old girl named Claudette that is with us.  She is burned very badly and we are not sure if she will live or not.  We need you to pray for her.  She is also in a great deal of pain.
  • the cholera house is still in full swing with many patients
  • Madelene is still with us and doing well.  Continue to pray for her.
  • Exciting news for RHFH site coming up tomorrow!

3 Responses to quick update

  1. Dee says:

    Bless Jess & Anna for the joy and relief they bring! Go Hoosiers! Praying as always and lifting Madelene and Claudette (what a beautiful name for a beautiful child)to the Lord for healing and peace. Love to you & staff! d

  2. Appreciate all you do in the name of the Lord. Thankful our team from West Virginia could be helpful to you.

  3. Debra Woodward says:

    I thought that was Jeremy’s son in the cooking/gingerbread house photos. WONDERFUL people.

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