Betor Family


Enoch grew up in Port-au-Prince Haiti. He graduated from Jacksonville Theological Seminary in 2001. He has been working along side Licia and her family since 1995.

Licia grew up in Indiana. She graduated from Pendleton Heights High-school (93′) and from Indiana Wesleyan University in (95′). The day after she graduated she moved to Haiti to work along side her parents. She has been working there since and is in charge of running a Rescue Center that houses sick and malnourished children.

Enoch and Licia met in 1995 and were married in 2000.

Carmelo (11) was the third child taken into the RC in 1998. He was severely burned over a large area of his body. It took 9 months for his burn to heal. His birth mother has 12 other children to care for so he has been staying with us since. We are in the final stages of his adoption. His birth mom and family comes and visits him regularly. He speaks English and Creole and is in the 5th grade.

Henley (5) was born in 2002 here in Haiti. He is a great loving boy that helps out when ever he can. He is in his second year of homeschooling and doing great. He speaks both English and Creole.

Trey (4) was born in 2004. He is the wild child. He loves to play hard and be the boss of the other two boys. He speaks both English and Creole.


7 Responses to Betor Family

  1. Keverly Dyson says:


    Ever since receiving your e-mail from Christine Moers, I have been praying for the rescue and about your decision regarding the homeschooling of your children. I’ve really enjoyed learning about your ministry through this blog. You have a beautiful family!

    Please feel free to write with any questions that might help you make a more informed decision. We understand from Christine that she already passed on a good deal of information, but you may have particular concerns or questions that weren’t addressed. I’d be happy to answer them.

    Blessings, Keverly

  2. It is wonderful to see what others are doing in Haiti. You have a beautiful family.
    Are you going through an full fledged American Adoption for your oldest child? I am curious. My husband is also Haitian and we are looking to adopting a child that we have known for almost 3 years now.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I love this picture and biography of your family. You are a blessing to many!

  4. Sandra says:

    You guys are doing amazing work. The difference in the sibling set posted recently is amazing. Keep it up!
    Do you ever need help from doctors in your center? I was working in West Africa for 4 1/2 doing primary health care and am seeing where I can best serve again.
    Just curious if you ever need medical help there.
    Blessings as you continue your work in being a voice (and much more) for these little ones.
    ~ Sandra

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  6. Angela Jones " AJ " says:

    OK, I just posted, but as I kept looking through your web site, I am just bursting with excitment!!!!
    Licia, class of 93′ at PHHS! I too am a graduate of PHHS, but have a few years on you! 1989 for me. Sorry, just stoked, because I have said for a long time now that I feel like my calling is with sick children, but in third world countries!!! Since my trip to St. Ard, the peace I found on the medical mission we did in June, is soooo overwhelming!! I know that seeing roughly 1,600 patients in 4 day’s was alot, but I feel that we gave 200%, but they gave me 1,000% in return!!! Wow, what a feeling. Trying to come home and explain the sights and feeling is impossible, but I am still trying and won’t give up on FAITH AND HOPE. I shall return to finish what I started before my calling. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! aj

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