*****As of July 2008 If a picture is posted of a child from the RC we have the permission of the parent to post the picture.

*****If you would like to use a picture from the blog…please ask us before hand.  We have come across pictures from the RC on other blogs that we have never heard of.  Respect us and the people here by doing this for us.

8 Responses to Pictures

  1. alejandra says:

    licia, I had used pictures from you blog in mine.
    sorry for this next time I will mail you.

  2. V says:


    I think I also used one. I am sorry.


  3. Hello Licia

    We are using several of your photos in an effort to spread your message. The photos link back to your blog.

    We hope you are okay with this in the special time.

    All our prayers are with you,
    Marcus, Shauna, Cliverton, George, Robert, Auntie Moses

  4. May I have permission to use a photo of one of the kids from the Rescue Center on my blog? I would like to post links of how people can help. You can email me at pink_ink at q dot com. Thanks for all you do.

  5. I have used one of your photos in an article about the Haitian American community and its potential to assist with earthquake recovery efforts. The photo is credited to Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center. We hope this will help spread the word about your good work. Thanks very much.

  6. Varonda Hetrick says:

    It is wonderful to see everyone. It was good to see the girls “in action” as they help those around them. It made me smile and cry a little to see Jessica. I know that so much good comes from those who visit and help in Haiti. I am so blessed to have such a caring daughter and pray that her time there is a blessing to her and to those around her. God bless you all. Love and miss you Jess. Mom

  7. Gloria says:

    Dear Licia,
    I have used some of your pictures without permission. I apologize!
    We have just started the Medika Mamba program in our clinic in Robillard, Haiti. Our fundraising to support the program is just underway. I use the before and after pictures of the children to help “sell” the message for support.
    Since the internet is unreliable, I obtained only 3 pictures of the children treated from the MD there.
    I would appreciate your assistance with any pictures of MM children in the future. Please contact me.
    Your work is commendable–God bless!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Hi Licia,

    May I use some of your pictures of kids from the rescue center for a presentation I’m giving on Kwarhikor and malnutrition in children? God bless you for your remarkable work!


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