Contact info

Donations can be sent to:

Real Hope For Haiti

P.O. Box 23

Elwood, IN 46036

Regular mail (please do not send boxes unless you ask first, customs prices are high)

Enoch and Licia Betor

Agape #11773

100 Airport Avenue

Venice, FL 34285

Email and Phone numbers

Internet phone : (765)274-0352

cell phone:011-509-3761-9464

25 Responses to Contact info

  1. Claire Abel says:

    Lori and Licia,
    You are doing God’s work! When someone dies try to remember they are in God’s presence now – well and happy – dancing and singing. No more hardships no more hurting.
    I know it is hard I don’t know if I could stand it day in and day out like you two do, but God is in charge. We can only do what He asks.
    We have to praise and thank Him for loving us.

    God loves the work you are doing for His people.
    God Bless and Keep you all

  2. Angie, RN says:

    Hi Licia and Lori-

    It is Rob and Angie Fox from IN. We have 4 large bags of mens and kids clothes that were donated to the RC from a friend from Angie’s work. The boys clothes would probably fit Trey and/or Henley. Could you please let us know your dad’s phone # while he is here so we can touch base with him and deliver the clothes? Thanks so much.

    God Bless

    The Fox’s

  3. Jason Schmick says:

    Enoch and Licia,

    Is there an e-mail address that I can contact Zach with or is the one listed above ( the best way to communicate with him?

    Thanks, Jason Schmick

  4. Andrea Schmick says:

    We are coming to Haiti in July for a short term mission trip. The group we are with is Christian World Outreach out of CO. Our team will be hosting a VBS for approximately 900+ children. We are having to put together our own VBS curricula for ages toddler to junior high. Do you have any suggestions on material that we can use or any other tips? Our teaching time is 1 1/2 hour (given translation time). Thank you for your time!

  5. Karen Rumble says:

    I was privileged to visit the RC in August with a group from CAM. I noticed the little boy with the over-large head then and have wondered about him ever since. My daughter befriended him the day we were there, and I have seen his face in a few of your recent updates. What is his prognosis, and how long do you think he will be there? Will he need treatment in the U.S? Is there anything we, as a family, can do to help this child?
    God bless you for all you do there…I have followed your blogs faithfully since being in Haiti. Would love to come again someday….

  6. Adam says:

    I want to Volunteer my constructions services in Haiti. I have am a licensed construction supervisor and I can operated most any construction equipment to help with demo or clean up. Who can I contact to volunteer my time. So far I have received no response from any organization I have reach out too.


    l wish to help in the construction of HAITI either by rescure those that have been effected by the disaster or help in the contrction of haiti. any organisation or group of person who can assist me should write back .
    thank u

  8. Maria Shankin says:

    My 6 year old son wants to raise money to help the children of Haiti.Your organization is where we want the funds to go to. We have begun to collect monies and we need a contact person before I start with press releases and launching this effort which I hope to be very successful. If some one could contact me by email I would greatly appreciate it.
    We pray nightly for the loss of life and want to help with those we still can.

  9. Timothy Naylor says:

    I have built and remolded houses for over 33 years. I have been a foreman and supervisor. I also have been a minister for over 30 years and am now pastoring a church for the last 4 years in Illinois.

  10. April says:

    I would like to get a group together to make some small (crocheted) toys for the kids if it is allowed. If it is ok, please advise how many kids you have at any given time!!

  11. antonio rita says:

    Pastor Zach,

    Give me a call at 3492 6460 as soon as possible.


    • Tony Rita says:

      Pastor Zach,

      Hope you are well. Wondering if you could give me an email address for you or if you could email me ASAP.


  12. Jerry Zibell says:

    Message for Davis Zachary. We are the Internet provider for your site in Haiti. Please call our office at 828-890-8322…thank you and god bless you

  13. Tony Rita says:

    Pastor Zach,

    We have made it back to the U.S.A. without major incident. Do me a favor, I left something there in Haiti, if you see it send it to me. Its weights about 4 pounds and looks remarkably like my heart. Thank you for your friendship, I pray we meet again soon.

    Tony Rita

  14. Maria Shankin says:

    Licia-I am sending the first donation check from and I pray it helps a little. I’ve asked God to have angels wrap their wings around Haiti until things are better for all. With love and thanks for all you do.
    Maria and Griffin Shankin

  15. tena westland says:

    Hello, I’m Tena, Mother of Kanen Beck. My son is Married to Katie Posey, also related to Casey,son of Zachery. I would like info to volunteer in Hatti. I feel a great desire to do something bigger than myself. Please have your contacts call me @509-280-9350. An e-mail would be great as well.

  16. Marcia Redding Randolph says:

    Hello Davis, Do you remember the class of ’65? I lived in South Florida for many years and just moved back to Indiana. I would love to come hear about your life in Haiti. Please let me know when you plan to be back to the Middletown area.

  17. Shawn Finch says:

    Hi! I interviewed Roberta VanderZwaag of Artists for Hope and the article is here
    You have a huge fan base, and more importantly, group of people praying for you, here in Omaha!!

  18. Bryan Fordham says:

    Hi — I’ve tried emailing a few times about possibly arranging a mission trip to your area for next summer, but haven’t gotten a response. So now I’m trying this 🙂

    When you have time, please email me. I would like to know what needs you have, and how we might be able to help.

  19. lauren says:

    I am a teacher looking for working abroad.. I have before. Please let me know more information. THank you!

  20. Ruth Kaufman says:

    Dear friends at Haiti Rescue Center,

    I am living and working in Nepal with a Christian community development NGO. One of the things we do in our organization is rescue and care for abandoned and orphaned children. Our Nepali church here in Kathmandu has a lively and growing Sunday school. As one of the Sunday School leaders, I have been talking to the kids about how we can reach out and show love to other believers, even those who are different from us, or who are in other countries.

    Our sunday school and Guardian home children have been concerned because of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti. What if an earthquake came to us here in Nepal? We would want Christians from other parts of the world to help us in our time of need.

    I heard about your ministry through my friend, Danae Lacher. She gave me this website, and we would love to help your organization by donating a gift of funds from our Sunday School. We were especially concerned about the babies under your care. How many babies do you have, and are there any projects we could fund that would benefit the babies in some way? We would like to make a donation of about 100 USD, so please let me know what kind of project we can fund with that amount of money. Maybe infant formula? I think it will be really exciting for our kids here to have a project like this to work on this fall.

    God bless you!
    With love on behalf of your family in Nepal,

    Ruthie Kaufman
    Studio TEN Ministries

  21. Astrid says:

    We want to do fundraiser for the kids with Cholera. I work with Ruuska Village, Barbara is a close friend. If you allow I would love to use the pics of today for fundraiser letter to send out to my dental colllegues! Would be great to get a soon answer, but I know you have plenty of work!
    To make that work more easy, I work on getting in some antibiotcis for Haiti, get money for more water purifier send out with Joe and hopefully also to get some clean canned food in!
    Warm regards for you hard working and loving people!

  22. Doris Kyhnell says:

    Please add my e-mail address to your list. Pictures are wort a thousand words. Doris

  23. Gloria says:

    I am currently a highschool student and I received an assignment on global issues so I decided to choose the Haiti earthquake. Hopefully you can reply to this post as soon as possible, I just had a few questions:
    1)Even though there hasn’t been as much media coverage on the Haiti earthquake compared to the start, what are some problems the victims still face ?
    and 2)What are you doing about this issue ?
    Any other additional information would be greatly appreciated as well ! Thankyou.

  24. Leatrice says:


    Thank you for the work you are doing in Haiti. I was told about your organization by Sheila Germain. My daughters are 9, 10, and 13. We would like to donate to a family in Haiti. My daughters have asked their relatives to take a portion of the money that would have gone to their Christmas presents and send it to help children in Haiti. What would be the best way to go about this?

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