Current needs


  1. large safety pins
  2. cribsheets
  3. short-any size
  4. sock-any size
  5. boys and girls underware-any size
  6. barretts
  7. plastic pants (to put over cloth diapers)
  8. baby shampoo, lotion, powder
  9. hand santizer
  10. bumbo seats
  11. sippy cups
  12. spoons
  13. bowls
  14. pens
  15. sharpies
  16. pillows
  17. Q-tips
  18. newborn clothes
  19. any toys
  20. shoes and sandles-any size
  21. infant formula
  22. baby food
  23. baby cereal

48 Responses to Current needs

  1. kathy Connors says:

    I would like to help the rescue center by providing some of the center’s current needs. Would it be better if I got the items needed and then ship them to Haiti or just sent money and the items could be purchased there? I can usually get the needed items really cheaply. This would enable me to help if there were any customs charges. I sew and would love to sew for the center if that is a need. Let me know what you need and I will do what I can to help.
    My husband and I have an adopted daughter that just came home from Haiti in May and I want to help the people of Haiti. We don’t have very much money but I will do what I can.

  2. Sandra Gallineau says:

    Hi Licia,

    I’ve already talked to you about an AWANA project, but would also like to help with some current needs. Where would I send them?

  3. Ramya Kandasamy says:

    Hi there,
    I’d really like to contribute some of these items. Do I send them to the address for “donations” on your contact information page? Are there any new items (since this posting) that is required now?

    Thanks so much :).

  4. Dawn S says:

    Please check out the non-profit that we are working to start! We have 384 shoes collected to far and would love to help you. Please leave a comment and let me know what you might need as far as quantities. We just need to figure out how to get them to you! 🙂


  5. Julie says:

    Where do we send the items needed?

  6. Cindy says:

    Hi, cruising next week to Haiti. I was wondering if I took some of the items from the list above would I be able to give them to someone to take to the center? Thank you for the suggestions.

  7. […] Go on, go get a kleenex then hug your kids. I’ll wait. Back? That’s a real picture, taken Thursday at the Rescue Center in Haiti. So what can you do? For one you can donate anything extra you have to Real Hope For Haiti, and know that these kids you see above are actually going to be getting the help they need. Them and many others.If you don’t have cash to send they always need more supplies, things like crib sheets, clothes, toys, shampoo. You can see a complete needs list here. […]

  8. Norma Dial says:

    I have a lot of diapers and vinyl pants, but won’t be able to get them on the Sept. semi. If I get to come there with Dr. Gousse as far as PauP, can I only bring a total of 50 lbs??? Have a wonderful visit, Licia & Carmelo!!!!!

  9. LaDonna F says:

    Hello, can you tell me how I would need to go about sending you the needed items?

    Thank you and God bless,
    LaDonna Fox

  10. amanda reimer says:


    My kids and I would like to help. Is it more helpful to send the needed items, or to send money instead?

    Thank you,

    Amanda Reimer

  11. My staff and I want to do something to make a tangible difference. We are thinking of fund-raising events, donating clothes, food drives, etc…. Where would we send items? What organization would we need to partner with to give our efforts more legitamacy?
    Thank you and God bless everyone in their efforts.
    Barry Phillips

  12. Lisa Hughes says:

    I too would like to send these items…Where can I send them??

  13. Frances Lee says:

    I have the same question as everyone else.

    I have a lot of friends from school/church that are more than willing to get together some of these items.

    Where should I send them? Is it more beneficial to send money rather than donation items? Please let us know asap so that we can gather and send these items to those would need it in Haiti.

    Thank you,

  14. Elaine says:

    Hello, I am more interested in a link or email address for talking with staff or directors. My husband and I are praying about mission opportunities. We spent 5 years in Mexico and know Keverly, her family well. I am a RN and my husband is a real handyman.. we continue to pray about the current situtation and needs and hope to hear from you when you catch your breath. Thank you, God bless your hands and feet and give you strength that is supernatural……….for His continual glory..

  15. Amy says:

    what is a specific address that i can send items to?

  16. Chris says:

    I am also interested in how to get items there.

    • haitirescuecenter says:

      There is a woman collecting in Minneapolis:
      Debbie Woodward
      1500 Jackson St NE
      Minneapolis, MN 55413
      (612) 3636-5612

      She is hoping to get enough supplies to fill a container to ship to Haiti.

  17. Beverly Pearson says:

    God bless you in your continuing care of Haiti’s children. I heard of your ministry from Caroline’s friend Erin (my daughter in law). I am sending a check but am also interested in helping as a nurse (RN). I work in maternity and have some pediatric experience. Who can I talk to about a short term trip and what are your medical needs?

  18. Gina says:

    I have a large box of barely used cloth diapers that include Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers, prefolds, covers and assorted inserts of all shapes and sizes. I will get those in the mail asap to the Minneapolis address if you can use them. Maybe I will call first just to make sure.
    You people are angels on earth.
    My deepest respect to you.

  19. Karen Powell says:

    I have collected many pairs of really nice shoes. Is there a place to take them ? I live in Indiana.

    • haitirescuecenter says:

      My Uncle Phillip lives in Indiana and has the key to the container storage for the containers we receive…
      You can reach him at 765-354-9036.

  20. Norma Dial says:

    Keep up the work for God!!!

  21. Emma says:

    My family would really like to donate in some way to your center. I know there is great need everywhere in Haiti right now and many organizations helping in many areas, but we like the idea of contributing directly to the children more specifically to your center. I received info on you and the center from a lady at our church (First Covenant Sacramento, CA) and have been reading your blog for a few months. What is the best and most efficient way to contribute? I see your list of needs, and an address to send checks, which is easier or more efficent for you. Do you have issues cashing a personal check should we send a money order? Is it cheaper/easier for us to send items to address in MN or can you get them there with cash donations. Please let us know the easiest most convienent (for you that is)way to contribute.

  22. Dana Pierce says:

    I am an advisor for the student council at our school here in Laurel, MS. We heard about you organization from Mrs. Linda Stringer and would like to help out by collecting items that you may need. Please let us know how we might go about sending them to you. Thanks!

    • Debbie Woodward says:

      Dana –

      They are putting together a shipping container in Slidell, Louisiana. That would be the closest to Mississippi.

      Let me know if you need more information.

  23. Natalie says:

    My cousin is coming to Haiti in April. Where are you located? We can collect needed items and she can bring them to your location.

  24. Debbie Woodward says:


    One great way to avoid the cost of shipping is to order on-line. I just had a woman contact me because she ordered through Walmart and I will just pick up the order in Minneapolis and add it to the container.

    Anyone can do this. Walmart provides me with the e-mail confirmation which I will bring to Walmart when I pick up the items. It’s a great way to get the items to Minneapolis without paying shipping.

    Debbie Woodward

  25. Jacci says:

    Dear Debbie,

    Hello! 🙂 My children and I are so glad to be able to make some of the aprons/pillowcase dresses that Anna mentioned earlier this week. I’ve sent Anna an email, but I understand that you are all very busy. We would like to know what date you need these items by (deadline) so they can make the container shipment. Also, do you have any idea about chest measurement or general size needs for dresses? One of my friends can customize the cloth diapers to have specific measurements for the legholes (especially tiny for newly admitted children) if this is still a need, but she needs to know roughly how large to make the legholes and waists. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer so we can get busy 🙂

    Jacci in Ohio

  26. Jacci says:

    Thanks for the updated post!! We’re sewing starting on Monday! 🙂

  27. Sandy says:

    I just saw a story that Soledad O’Brian did about the exorbitant “taxes” haiti is making people pay to get their shipments off the docks in PAP. Will this affect you all, getting your supplies from Minneapolis?

  28. Sarah says:


    I hope you still see this! I just ran across this today and would LOVE to help! Do you have an e-mail addres you would share or is it best to post my questions here?

  29. My husband and I are unemployed so we can’t afford to buy new items.
    My {very active] son wares holes in the knees of his pants constantly. The tops of these pants are in great shape. Would you accept these if I washed, cut and hemmed them for shorts? When do you need them by? I could prpbably find other mothers to do the same.

    • Debbie Woodward says:


      The only thing I know about the pants turning into shorts is that the children at the rescue center have large stomachs and small waists/butts.

      Clothing with full elastic waists works best for them. I’m not sure if the pants you are speaking about have a full elastic waist.


  30. kristen says:


    What is the walmart that you go through so I could maybe purchase a few things for you to pick up in Minneapolis? Please let me know details. My email is


    • Debbie Woodward says:

      If anybody wants to order items and go site to store, please send it to the Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. I will be HAPPY to pick things up.

      THANK YOU.


  31. auntyjane says:

    hi my name is aunty jane i run a internet based charity crafting group based in uk.. id like to offer to make and donate 50 single bed and cot quilts/blankets for an orphanage on Haiti please could you send me a contact address …this is a genuine offer ..we are presently working on 50 quilts for an orphanage in south africa thank you and much love to every one hugs auntyjane xxxx

    • Debbie Woodward says:

      If you would like to send quilts/blankets, we appreciate them. We just like them lightweight as everything must be handwashed and air dried.

      You may send them to the following address:

      Debbie Woodward
      Northrup King Building, Main Office
      1500 Jackson Street NE
      Minneapolis, MN 55413
      (612) 363-5612

      THANK YOU. We are starting to pack and will be packing at least through the end of March for this shipment.


  32. kristen says:


    I was wondering what is most needed. Do you have plenty of tents or air mattresses? That was something from their list. I am adding bumbos to the walmart site and some newborn clothing, it also stated toys and was wondering if a bouncer or exersaucer would be ok? Or tell me what you havent gotten that is needed. Unfortunately cannot select formula and pedialyte online, which is what I wanted to buy most of. Could you let me know b/c I know time is limited with packing everything up. I am wanting to purchase within the next day or so. And when I go to select which walmart, is there anything special I need to do for you to be able to pick it up?


    • Debbie Woodward says:


      Thank you so much. Depending on your budget, I know that Licia is trying to get new picnic tables for the children to eat on. They eat 3 meals and 2 snacks/day so they get a ton of use.

      Right now, we really like the Little Tikes, 4-sided, 8 seater picnic table. Two other people have placed an order along with a bumbo seat. Licia would like to have 4-5 since they have SO many children to feed.

      They can be delivered to the Brooklyn Park, MN store and my husband and I will pick them up.
      It works easy. You give them my name and e-mail and they e-mail me when they are ready to pick up. I bring the e-mail and my ID and pick it up.

      If you e-mail me I will let you know when I have received everything you ordered. My e-mail is My phone is (612) 363-5612.

      A couple of other items are bowls and sippy cups.

      Thank you so much for continuing in the journey with Real Hope For Haiti

  33. kristen says:

    I did get 3 bumbos and 1 picnic table, among a few other things. I hope others are willing to buy the picnic tables too!

    Thank you for replying!!


  34. Melissa says:

    My daughters (10, 12 & 14) have some outgrown summer dresses they would like to donate. Are you still accepting donations? Thanks and God bless you.

  35. Maggie P. says:

    I have quite a few items I would like to send but I was wondering if you are still accepting donations and if you can/will take used donations of cloth diapers(clean and unstained)and bowls/spoons? Those are just a few things I have to send I just need to know if I can still send them to you =)

    You are an AMAZING person{hugs}

  36. Jennifer says:

    Hi, I was also wondering if you needed cloth diapers. I have some I sewed for my child but they are too small now. Some of them are a little “wonky”, but have no problems with function. Please email me back and let me know…also, let me know if there is anything else you accept sewn and maybe I could whip up a few things.

    This is such a wonderful thing you guys are doing!!!

  37. happymom4 says:

    Due to some family illness we weren’t able to catch the first load with the items we wanted to sew. Hoping for another chance. Debbie, are you still accepting items? Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Debbie Woodward says:

      We will be accepting donations to fill the next container that we hope to send in mid-September.

      Please send donations by mid-August so that we have adequate time to sort, put in uniform boxes, on pallets, and weighed.

      Children’s clothes should be new or VERY gently used.

      The school children also need NEW tennis shoes and backpacks. The sooner we can get these, the better.

      All donations may be sent to:

      Debbie Woodward
      Northrup King Building, Main Office
      1500 Jackson Street NE
      Minneapolis, MN 55413

      Thank you to all the people who are blessing the people of Haiti.

  38. Sarah says:

    I hope this is not a horrible question…I have several cans of formula, but they expired on May 1st. You don’t want them do you?

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