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  1. Dee says:


    My husband and I have been following your work for years. We go to Markleville North Christian Church in IN and usually donate items through them-specially shoes b’cause of your mom :)(have 44 sneakers in the trunk now!) We know you and Charles work with the community group in Cazale and wonder if this would be a way to help at this time? We were thinking of getting tools and seeds for the planting season. We saw the seminar you put on a few years ago handing out tools/seeds. Have contacted that church for info but haven’t gotten reply yet. (Hoped not to bother you with details, but time is running out) Do you or your dad know of a good source for quality seeds/tools and how to get them to you? We found wholesale source for shovels,picks,machetes,& hoes (Don’t know if you can find them cheaper) Am also watching the Walmart site and left a message there. If there are other needs with a higher priority we would of course follow your advice on this as you are the ones with the KNOW 🙂 After all, Zach can find cokes and ice after an earthquake! Please contact me so I can get with you on donation amount and way to use it-God is working and wonderful! P.S. We are here for the long haul-this isn’t a one time thing, we are honored and humbled that thru you, we can be involved in this mission. THANK YOU ALL for the work you do!!! Use e-mail or call collect (765)533-2062

  2. Benjamin Johnston says:

    My name is Benjamin Johnston. I am 6 years old. I just had my birthday party and asked my friends to bring money to send to you. I got $180.00. My mom is going to send it to you on paypal in a minute. I want the money to go to help babies and kids who are either hungry or hurt from the earthquake. Thank you. -Benjamin

  3. Robin says:

    Hi! Heard about you from Luke Renner of Fireside International. A lot of our charitable giving is going to Haiti this year and Luke suggested a few worthy “smaller” concerns – yours being one of them. We are sending money this month – God bless you and the work you do.

  4. Audra Boyd says:

    My name is Audra Boyd,I am 13 years old. When I heard about the earthquake in Haiti I immediately knew I had to do something to help. I prayed and asked God to help me know what to do to help. At first I thought I would make care packages, but I read that what the people in Haiti needed most was medical supplies. And because I’m not a doctor I wanted to make a fundraiser to help pay for the medical needs. I asked for donations at my church (Cedar ridge Evangelical free) and almost everybody in my youth group donated, and most of the parents did too. I also sent letters to my family in Louisiana and asked for help. I set a goal of $500, but in the end we raised $622.80!!! I know for a fact that Jesus will help the people in Haiti. I love all of you working here. Love Audra

  5. Lisa Taylor says:

    We came across your blog via a friend about a month a go. After reading about your ministry and seeing the pictures of what you are doing my almost 5 year old decided she wanted to give money to your ministry. So instead of receiving birthday gifts at her party last night, we asked for donations and will be sending you a money order this afternoon. We are praying it is a blessing to you all in Haiti.

    In Him,
    Lisa Taylor

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