How it started

The vision of the Rescue Center began in 1999. We began with our first child, a severely burned 6 year old, that would have had to walk 6 hours each way to get dressing changes. We took her into our care to do daily dressing changes. Two week later we took another burn, and after two more weeks we had four children that were living with us full time.


After a few months we began to take in malnourished children as well.    We continued taking in children and keeping them for a few months until they were “back on their feet”. My mother (who passed away in June 05), sister and I took care of 8 to 10 children by ourselves. We drove (2 hours one way) to the area of Cazale three days a week to run a medical clinic. We moved to the village to live full time in May of 2002. We started the actual RC then. Beginning with 10 children  and 12 staff member we have grown to an average of 60 children and a staff of 37 ladies.


5 Responses to How it started

  1. Noelle Koenig says:

    I am the student council sponsor at our elementary school in Murfreesboro, TN. With the help of Tamara Cosy our school will be doing a penny drive for your children. Our penny drive will be February 8-26th. We look forward to helping in a small way, but know it comes from our hearts! I admire your strength and dedication to these children.

    On a personal note, do you all adopt any of your children to the US. If so, do you accept single parents. As a single mom, I would LOVE to spread my love to another child in need and have a sibling for my 3 year old son. My heart aches from afar at the devastation in Haiti (even before the earthquake), and even more so now. I have never investigated adoption because of the cost factor, but Tamara has encouraged me to reach out.

    Looking forward to helping you and your organization any way we can!

  2. Carol Harwood says:

    Hey! I have a question regarding the dresses. Do you like the ones that have some elastic in the top? Or do you find that stretches out/wears out with time too quickly? Getting ready for a big sewing day!

  3. Carly Parker says:

    Hey oh my gosh! That girl was so burned! What happened to her? Did she live? Did she die? Did she get adopted? Did she go back with her family? Did she have a family?

  4. Debby Mohr says:

    I am coming to Haiti for the 3rd time this year..I will be there November 16th until sometime in December sometime..I would love to come and volunteer there while I am there..I am a Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, And EMT..My friend Seanna is also coming with me.. She would like to also volunteer..
    Can you email me some information on coming during this time.. Do you have a guest house or a place for volunteers to stay?
    Please forward information asap?
    Thank you very much, Debby

  5. Polly says:

    I too would wish to know what happened to both of these beautiful girls. God bless you.

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