Telismane Charles

This is Telismane.  She is the wife on the man below that died in the flood.

She came to see us on Monday afternoon.  She wanted to thank us for buying the casket to bury her husband in.  She is still very upset about the death of her husband and the father of her children.  We made small talk for awhile and then I thought I would ask a little about her and her husband.  The have 5 children together, all boys.  They live up the the mountains behind  us in a town called Kotad.  I asked what had happened that day.  She began to share with me about her husband and what a good man he was.  He never sat at this house, he was always working.  She said he could not stand for one of his children to say they were hungry.  He was always working to find some food fro them.  He had went down to the village of Cabaret to try and find some work to be able to buy some food for the kids.  He knew that the hurricane had passed by his village and that his wife was going to have trouble finding food that day.  He stopped by his brother’s house here in Cazale.  Eveyone in the house told him to stay and wait out the flood waters to go down so the current would not be so strong.  He said he had to get to his family.  He died trying to get to them.

Telismane said “if one of the children said they were hungry, he would leave the house with a hoe or a shovel on his shoulder and find work”.  “He never wanted his kids to be hungry, he was a good father, and loved us a lot.”  I asked her how the kids were.  With tears rolling down her cheeks she said “I just cannot support it, can’t support when the kids are screaming for their papa and saying they are hungry.”  “I know if he was here that would break him up to hear that.”

Will you please pray for Telismane and her children.  RHFH has committed to help them with food whenever we can.  Anyone wanting more info contact me at


2 Responses to Telismane Charles

  1. Andrea Schmick says:

    I have a question: While you care the physical and practical needs of these people how or are you able to share the gospel? And…How has that been received? And…What church or worship are you affiliated with both in the states and in Haiti? Thanks for your time. We keep up with your site and pray for you & yours often!

  2. […] on Telismane and the boys By haitirescuecenter Telismane (read her story here) came by to see us on New Year’s day.  In our area, most do not celebrate Christmas.  They […]

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